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  • Fridays 11:00 – 6:00
  • Saturdays for special events by appointment

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Who Is Sense Ability Wellness for?

We welcome members of any age; however, most of the equipment and activities are designed for those age 3 and older. Infants and toddlers will require close one-on-one supervision. They will be limited in available activities.


Minors and adults who do not live independently will need supervision during gym visits. A parent or guardian must be on the premises (unless attending a supervised class or special event).

Independent members or guardians will decide about participating in activities based on their knowledge of the member’s abilities, needs, and medical history.

What We Offer

We will offer group classes (music, yoga, fitness, art, etc.). Some classes or programs may require an additional fee.

We do not offer medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment.

We do not offer licensed therapy services (mental health, occupational, physical, or speech therapy).

Our Staff

All staff members are at least 18 years old.

CPR/AED and first aid training are required, and we will have an AED in the building.

They are trained for safe use of the equipment and complete a criminal background check.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a tour and to learn more about membership.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a specific diagnosis to join?

No. Every human has a sensory system and different sensory needs, and we are here to support you. While many of our members may identify with an alphabet soup of diagnoses (SPD, ADHD, AA, ASD, T21, ID, CP), our center is not limited to a specific group.  


Can the equipment support adults?

Most of our equipment is designed to be safe for and support adult-size and adult-weight individuals. Please ask the staff if you have questions about equipment use.

Our Rules

Members may attend any time the center is open during usual business hours. In some cases, reservations may be required in order to evenly distribute attendance numbers.

If the member is a child or an adult who requires assistance or supervision, then their parent/guardian/support person(s) will attend without charge, but everyone will need to sign in.

Appropriate clothing is required, socks will be worn in the gym.

Members will comply with safety instructions from staff.

No fire or flames.

No alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs on the premises.

Food and drinks are allowed in the kitchen area only.

Water bottles with spill-proof lids are only allowed inside the gym area.

Do not photograph or record other members without their permission.

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