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For Neurodivergent Tweens & Teens

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An Inclusive Community

Find your place here.  Everyone is welcome.  Spend as little or as much time as you want at each visit.  Play board games, puzzles, read, just chill or share your interests with others.  This is a judgement free zone.

Multisensory Room

We call it the “chill spa.” It’s the perfect place to self-regulate. You are in control of the environment here.  Lights, sounds, volume, etc.  Exciting additions to this room are coming soon.

Sensory Gym

Everything you’ve ever wanted to swing, bounce, spin, balance, and participate in some fun fitness activities.  Also it’s a great place to practice skills from OT or PT.

Music Studio

Create your musical masterpiece here.  We have a rock band set up just for you. And lots of other fun instruments.  Jam alone, or with others. And best of all, you control the volume with headphones.


Sense Ability members find community here.

This Is a Safe & Welcoming Space

Sense Ability Wellness welcomes all youth  across the Oklahoma City metro. We are here for those who may be quirky, neurodivergent, or autistic.  And those who may have disabilities, sensory sensitivities, ADHD or hyper-focused interests.  Don’t sit at home feeling dysregulated, overwhelmed or disconnected.  We invite you to join us here in our zone of opportunities.  Plan a visit now.

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